Club Kit

Don’t miss out on your chance to race and train this year in the Perth Tri blue and gold, get your orders in for club kit today!! 

We're now looking to place a second order for gear and will need a minimum of 10 items before the order can be placed.  Have a look below or ask your fellow clubmates about the gear that they've already bought.

If you are looking to buy some new kit, have a look at the links below and decide what you'd like to order, although the sample designs only show tri suits, bib shorts and cycling top, you can order anything in the clothing range and it will be based on the Original Perth Tri Club design.


Tri Suits


Cycling Shorts


Cycling Tops


If you wish to place an order for new kit please send the
following information to Natalie Martin

Name & Address for Delivery

Item as detailed on Champs-Sys website

Size according to the Size Guide

Price according to the Custom Price List (Note: All prices are stated before charging 5% Delivery Charge & 20% VAT)

Payment should be made up front either by Cash or Cheque (made payable to Perth Tri Club)



Triathlon suits :-

Triathlon tops:-

Triathlon Bottoms:-



Cycling Tops :-

Cycling Jackets:-

Cycling Bottoms:-




Running tops:-

Running Bottoms:-


Casual Wear – polo Shirts, etc,


Please take a note of the garment name and check the Sizing chart :-